Sunday, September 4, 2016


I'm back with a new video. This time it's my very first lookbook video in collaboration with Kvltvra!
I received several items from Kvltvra and I decided to make a lookbook video to show you how I'd style each product.
I've never really dabbled with streetwear so this was a great opportunity to try out a new style.
In addition to that, I get to show my support for a new local brand!
Yes, Kvltvra is an alternative streetwear brand based in Malacca, Malaysia.
What differs Kvltvra from your ordinary streetwear brand is that it ties streetwear and the alternative/punk scene together through their clothing.
I'm a huge fan of alternative music and fashion so Kvltvra definitely piqued my interest despite its products reflecting more of a street edge- a style that I never really involved myself in at that time.
Kvltvra is also a brand that has a strong sense individuality.
I'm very supportive when it comes to being true to yourself.
I'm all about embracing the fact that we are all unique individuals and we should not strive to be like anybody else or alter our personalities/outlooks just to "fit in".
Besides that, Kvltvra stands for independent thinking and free speech with their strong messages and quotes found on their items.
"One Person's God" tee. Retailed at Rm65

After receiving the items, I grew completely infatuated with them!
Below are pictures of what I received:

SINITIC tee, MANIPULATE tote bag, 克族(ke zu) six panel cap and a packet of stickers

Their tee shirts are unisex but is in a male cutting. The fabric is thick but soft and smooth- unlike regular tee shirts that are usually rather rigid and rough.
I'm wearing an S but it is still a little oversized due to the cutting but it fits just the way I like it.
I usually roll the sleeves up (like how I did in the video) or knot the front of it (like in the GIF above).
I love pairing tee shirts like this with high waist jeans (preferably ripped) or tucked into an A-line skirt with a black belt.
You can get this tee at their website

Their shirts are proudly made in Malacca.

This is my first and only six panel cap that I own. I chose white because black is out of stock.
I was skeptical about the white cap at first because I rarely wear anything all-white except for plain white tees.
Also, I've never seen myself in a cap and I was afraid that it would make my chubby face even rounder but I think it looks pretty decent. With the correct positioning, my hair helped in creating an illusion of a slimmer face hahaha.
(on a side note: I recently ventured out of my comfort zone and got my first pair of plain white sneakers.)

Last but not least, the package came along with a bag of stickers and their name card.
I immediately stuck one of them on my laptop to add to my growing collection of laptop stickers.
I tuck another underneath my transparent phone cover and used their name card as a bookmark.

It's safe to say that I'm a fan.

Follow their Instagram and visit their website at to make a purchase.

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