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I've been pondering about making this post for ages but, as always with the same excuse, I couldn't find the time to do so. After much procrastination, I finally spared some time to evaluate all the art accounts I follow and pick out the ones that have me staring at their art feeling mesmerised and entranced by their detailed strokes each time it pops up on my feed.

First up is @roseellenswenson.
If my memory doesn't fail me, I found her account as I was casually scrolling through my popular feed. The feed was featuring one of her portraits and I stopped mid-scroll because of her use of colors that matched perfectly together and her gothic fairy-like art style that also carried such a beautiful aura of melancholy were pulling at my eyes like magnets.
Rose herself resembles her art- uniquely exquisite. Her portraits are one of a kind and are truly breathtaking. No words can describe the intricate beauty Rose and her art have, so do check out her Instagram feed for yourself!

 Next is @lucasbavid whose real name is actually Lucas David. You've probably stumbled upon his art on tumblr if you look through the #grunge tag as often as I do (teehee). His gothic twist and dark interpretations of legendary rockstars, icons of the alternative scene and even the mainstream scene are undeniably creative. He also does art that do not feature celebrities but also carry the same cadaverous and darkly whimsical sense. I've been following his account for ages and I've been meaning to purchase his Kurt Cobain, Marilyn Manson and Lana Del Rey prints but his prices, which are in USD, are still unaffordable for me. Don't worry, there will come a time when I am financially stable and am able to purchase all the art I desire.

My first encounter with @johnrockart was when I was looking through tagged photos of well-known style blogger @luanna90 on Instagram. The photo that caught my eye was a drawing of Luanna in one of her outfits. It stood out amongst the rest because of the colors and the emphasized, ultra-long lashes that is one of @johnrockart's unique art style. She recently followed me back on Instagram and  I was obviously thrilled to have the privilege of being followed by such a beautifully eccentric artist. One of my current favourite portraits done by @johnrockart is her sketch of Willow Smith's cover on a recent issue of Teen Vogue (the sixth photo in the above screen capture).

Gosh, there are no words worthy enough to describe the exquisite beauty, detail and striking realism of @fr.vnc's art. There were many times where I mistook his hand drawn portraits for a black and white photograph when it appears on my feed. He captures the beauty of his muses so accurately it always leaves me in awe at how realistic his portraits are. He captivates his many followers with his art and he also breaks their hearts when he slowly paints over his portraits with white paint and videos the heart-wrenching process.

@annajanesearle not only sketches, but does embroidery as well. Her art always touches my inner gypsy. You should know by now that I have a huge heart for detailing- the tinier, more minuscule the better. That's why I really admire artists like @annajanesearle who pay keen attention to details. What amazes me about @annajanesearle's work is that her embroideries are as detailed as her sketches. She mostly draws towers, moons and crystals. All three carry witchy vibes that I love. But recently, she's been drawing and embroidering ocean related scenes and objects. With her permission, I'd like to get one her artworks tattooed some day.

I haven't forgotten about my local talents!
Malaysia is also booming with immensely talented and creative artists.
Below are three of my favourite Malaysian artists that I've been a long loyal follower of.

I became completely infatuated with @brendalx3's art when I first came across it and maybe I'm a tad bit envious too because we're the same age but I'm barely half as talented as her. I love her color palette and her art style. I find the way she crops out her portraits and places them on a different background and how she edits her art very creative too. @brendalx3's art is definitely underrated and deserves so much more followers. I anticipate the day where her popularity rises and her talent is widely appreciated.

Ahh, @tianhu3y! We've been following each other for so long on Instagram we've practically became internet friends. She's one of the very first art accounts I followed. I don't remember how I came across her account but it was probably through mutual friends or followings. Her creative, versatile and varied art styles always amazes me. What astounds me even more is that she's two years younger than I am. I'm turning 20 soon but my knowledge of using paint is far from hers. Tian Huey, if you're reading this, I want you to know that I've always been a big fan of you. Always have and always will! It's so great to see how far you've come and how much you've grown. Don't stop making art because the world needs your quirky creativity, individualism and one-of-a-kind personality.

Last but not least is @jynwaye whom I discovered through mutual followings. Her earlier artworks consisted of realistic paintings of famous packeted snacks, flatlays and comic book heroes. She still occasionally paints the latter. Recently, she's been doodling places she visited and things she came across along the way in her journal. I find it such a creative way to document her travels. It's nice to see how she sums up her day through her art. 

That's all for this post! Do give all the above mentioned artists a follow if you enjoy their work as much as I do. If you know any art accounts on Instagram that you think I should check out, please tell me in the comments as well. 

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These are actually incredible wow. I always have had admiration for instagrammers who could keep up a niche aesthetic, but artists take it to a whole new level. If you like annajanesearle you might like @lemaddy! She's one of my favourites :)

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