Friday, March 18, 2016


Yes, metal shutters are my fave background to take pictures with.

As you can probably tell from the photos prominently showing off a pair of nifty shades, this is gonna be another post about a local online store.
Introducing tw2oo!  
Pronounced the same as the word "two", they're a new online store selling super cool and unique sunglasses.
Once I checked out their site, I couldn't wait to get my hands on one.
I'm honoured that they decided to give me a pair their Gaga sunglasses as a gift.
I'm not a big fan of sunnies with mirrored lenses but this one is an exception.
These silver-rimmed mirrored lenses look really retro and I'm a sucker for all things vintage.
The lenses are removable from the frame so you could wear the frame on its own as glasses when there's no need for shades. It's pretty convenient for people who are short-sighted like me!
I plan to change the lenses on the frame to one with power so I could wear them when I'm not wearing my contacts.
Gaga comes in two colours. This one I got has a black frame with blue-tinted mirrored lenses.
There's another one with a tortoise shell frame and simple black-tinted lenses.
You can get Gaga for RM79 and tons of other unique sunglasses on their website
They definitely have a pair of sunnies for every personality.
Not only that, for every pair of sunnies you purchase, tw2oo will donate RM1 to a charity funding that helps the less fortunate.
Head on to to get yourself a cool pair of shades and contribute a helping hand for those in need!

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