Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Review: Can Can's Handmade

Here's a short review post on the products I bought from Can Can's Handmade.
Firstly, I would like to clarify that I was not paid by the aforementioned brand to do this review. All opinions are on my own and I am being as honest as I can be when it comes to my reviews.

Moving on!
I bought these lip balms and a makeup blender from a local store online store called Can Can's Handmade. They make their own products like lip balms, scrubs, soaps and some fashion accessories.
This is their website:

What intrigued me when looking into their lip balms is that they have shades like deep red and bronze unlike your regular tinted lip balms that only come in hundred shades of pink (but they do have a pink one too!). Another thing that prompted me to buy them is because of the natural ingredients they use like beeswax, coconut oil, peppermint and others.
You can see the full ingredient list on their website.
The red one is called San Francisco and the brown one is called France.
My opinions:
-The color turned out to be more sheer than I expected.
-San Francisco, which is the red one, barely showed up on my lips at all.
-I prefer France (the brown one) over San Francisco because the color is more visible on my lips and I love its metallic shine.
-The lipgasms don't have a taste but they do feel quite minty during the first application.
-The minty feeling wears off with time.
-Both lipgasms are super moisturising, creamy but not sticky at all.
-The consistency is perfect for me and I love how it feels on my lips.
-If you want the color to always be present, you have to constantly reapply it because the color fades quite fast but the moisturising effect remains even after eating.

Overall, I'm quite pleased with the product. My only dissatisfaction is the sheerness of the color. I would rate these lipgasms a 10/10 if the color was more visible!

San Francisco 


The last thing I got from them is their makeup blender.
This is just a regular necessity that I lacked. I ordered it out of convenience haha.
I'm no expert in makeup tools or makeup in general so this makeup sponge feels just fine to me haha.
It looks like the original Beauty Blender but it is a bit smaller.
I think its compact size is better because I feel the applications would be much more precise and accurate.

Hope you like this short review post!
I plan to do more reviews like this in the future (:
If you own a shop that wants to be reviewed, please don't hesitate to drop me an email:
I definitely recommend products from Can Can's Handmade!
I may be buying their charcoal soap soon in the future too.
Thanks for reading

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