Wednesday, February 10, 2016


I am currently writing this blog post sitting on my mundane desk in the lonely office I'm interning in.
Yes! It is the third day of Chinese New Year and I'm already back at work.
Here's a brief explanation on why and I am interning and what I'm interning as:
I'm currently on an internship as my fourth semester in college and am required to intern within the field of my course, which is Mass Communication. I have chosen to intern at an advertising agency. Truth be told, I deeply regret my choice because a nine to five cubicle job is definitely not what I'm looking for. For questions regarding where is my office at, what's the name of my office, my position and other personal details- you don't actually expect me to disclose such personal details on the internet now would you?

This outfit is what I wore for the first day of CNY. As you all know, I'm not keen on colors that aren't on the grayscale but I tried to incorporate some "festive colors" for the sake of Chinese tradition into my outfit. This dress from Cotton On was perfect because it is a pale red (so festive indeed) and it does not stray too far away from my personal style! 

If you're wondering why am I dressed in so many layers during Chinese New Year where the weather is boiling hot, it's because I went to Genting after visiting relatives.
Unlike Kuala Lumpur, the weather in Genting is colder than usual.
The temperature there was around 16 degrees, in contrast to KL's weather that can reach up to 40 degrees!

Those who follow me on Instagram would have already known that I went back to my ombre a week or two ago. It seems like I can never be satisfied with my hair color. I would change it every month if I could but the drastically damaged state my hair is in from all that bleaching and dyeing restricts me dorm doing so. Sadly, I'm not blessed with naturally thick, lush hair. My hair is rather fine and they fall off its roots at the slightest tug. If I continue my hair-dyeing streak, I'll be bald before I turn 30. 

Life has not been extremely kind to me but it is starting to be more merciful. I've been on a roller coaster of emotions since December. There are a lot of things on my mental checklist: responsibilities as a daughter, tasks from work, updating my shop, keeping track of orders, relationships that need mending, people that I need to reconnect with, wrongs that I have to make right..... The list goes on and on. My mental checklist will never be completed because when I'm done with one, several more things that I need to do appear.

I'm sorry if I've neglected my blog, my youtube channel, my social networks or my dear friends, pets and family. Sometimes I get so lost within all my tasks at hand that I simply tune out on everything- even myself. Being numb helps for a while but when you're feeling numb, you're being ignorant to everyone around you- even those that want to help you. That's not the right way to treat yourself and it's definitely not the right way to treat others. I've learned that the hard way. I can't run from my problems and my responsibilities as a daughter, as a friend and as a person but I definitely can't keep everything to myself and face all of it alone. I'm learning that it's alright to ask for help and it's alright to talk to someone about your troubles. It's better to tell someone what's bothering you than pushing away those who are trying to help you.

I'm dying for a vacation and to just be happy with my friends and family. Nothing makes me feel whole right now and everything just makes me feel so demotivated. But I am slowly getting my life back on track.

Let's shove all this seriousness aside,
Here are my outfit details:
dress. Cotton On
cardigan. onlien store
hat. Cotton On
boots. H&M
bag. Cotton On
socks. H&M
necklace: Shop The Rush

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