Sunday, January 10, 2016


I finally had the chance to hang out with my homegirl, Alissa, again.
Now that I can drive pretty much everywhere, getting around has been so much more easier and I get to see my old friends much more often.

We went to a cafe called Encore because the ambience was nice and it's pretty quiet during odd hours- just the way we like it.
You all should know that I instantly turn into an awkward turtle in crowds.
Alissa isn't a huge fan of crowded places either.
The cafe has good food and a minimalistic theme so it was a perfect place to take photos and have nice tea.

*Don't mind my protruding tummy*
I wore a simple grey halter top and a black body con skirt because the weather has been excruciatingly hot recently.
To not make my outfit seem too plain, I tied my favourite dark green plaid flannel around my waist.
My boots are new and I'm simply in love with them.
I bought them in H&M while I was in Singapore. It was only 25SGD and it was such a good deal that I simply could not ignore!

Thanks a bunch to Alissa for being my photographer for the day <3

This post is actually long overdue (the pictures were taken last Saturday) because I've been so caught up with my new internship job and have been pretty demotivated in the first few days of last week. 
My first week of my intern job just ended and I'm getting pretty used to the office life.
Now that I've got a taste of a typical "nine to five corporate job", I've decided that this is definitely not the kind of job for me.
I can't see myself sitting in a cubicle staring at a laptop screen for at least 6 hours for five days a week.
I'm already sick of my intern job and I feel the slightest pinch of regret that I did not wait to look for other jobs and instantly agreed when I received that acceptance email.
This job was easily offered to me and I am eternally grateful for the person who believed in me and took me in to the company without hesitation. It's not that I despise my job and feel that it's a burden, it's just not what I want. I'm glad to have learned new things and thankful for the pretty light workload at the moment.
But my mind is set for an entirely different job scope and my current job completely contradicts what I've always expected my first professional job to turn out to be.
I'll just take this as a good learning experience but I'll be more selective on my future internships and be more aware of what I yearn for in a job so I can proudly tell my supervisor that I am passionate about my job.

Even if this job didn't turn out as what I initially expected it to be, I'll still put in effort and do my best. I've got no one to blame but myself. How selfish of me to complain about my job when everyone at work has been so nice to me and I should never ever take anyone's kindness for granted.  I keep reminding myself that this job isn't forever but I still have to give my best into the tasks I've been assigned to do.
I miss college life terribly.
Work is worse than college but it can never be as bad as high school
High school is still the most dreadful amongst all.

Aside from my monotonous work life, I've also been pretty into jazz lately.
This youtube video below has been my playlist for work almost everyday:

Thanks for reading xx
Hopefully I'll be back with a new video soon!


Putri Emma Melati said...

I love your blog so much! You're gorgeous, hope you have a great 2016 xx

Anonymous said...

Hi how do you get a job at forever 21? Do I just ask the employees there if there is a vacancy?

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