Saturday, December 12, 2015

Silent Night by Raffles College KL

I was invited to attend a fashion show called Silent Night by Raffles College of Design at RUANG as a guest blogger. Of course, I had to bring my best friend along- Risny.

As always, I mingled around the party like an awkward turtle before we were seated in time for the fashion show. I always have a hard time adjusting myself to feel comfortable in big crowds.
Being in a room full of unknown people already made me want to hunch my back and crawl in a corner, imagine if I had to pose for a picture in front of all these unfamiliar faces. Thus, explains the awkward smile plastered on my face in all the photos you'd see below.

Thank you to Amanda for personally inviting me to this event!
I really really love the fringe skirt she wore <3

This pair of friends caught my eye when they strode into the room.
I'm ashamed at myself for not getting their names but the guy's coat is something I've been wanting for a very long time and I love how he tied an actual ribbon instead of wearing the regular bow tie under his collar.
There is no doubt that the girl's dress is from the H&MxBALMAIN collection. How lucky she is to have managed to grab that signature dress from the collection!!!
These two friends flawlessly suit the dark christmas theme that the event is going for and their hair color matches each other as well :D
Both of them definitely stand out from the crowd

I'm also so glad to be finally meeting Nicole a.k.a. @TheNictionary on Instagram!
She was with Nadia from Shoppr and both of them were representing Shoppr to cover the event.
Nicole's hair looks even more amazing in real life <3 <3

These were some of the looks that my camera managed to capture pretty clearly during the fashion show. All the pictures I took from the first runway show were complete failures due to the low lighting and my inability to make my camera freeze moving objects (the models) without making the picture go completely dark.

Risny, me, Nadia and Nicole

On me:
black chiffon kimono. H&M
silver top. H&M
body con skirt. Forever 21
shoulder bag. MANGO
shoes. Taiwan
socks. H&M
watch. Marc Jacobs
rings. Forever 21

Looking forward for more fashion events in the future!
Thanks for reading xx

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