Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Like Roses, We Blossom Then Die

(She stares straight ahead with eyes dark and unreadable. Her lips part slightly as she began to speak)
"It feels as if the higher you get, the further you drift into an abyss of temporary euphoria.
And once it's over, you'll be forced to come down through a long and hard fall. 
As if gravity suddenly exists and the impact that pulls you back down is so strong,
the fall hurts like a bitch and it leaves you with bruises everywhere."
(She inhales deeply and pauses for a brief moment before saying)
"The transition from happiness to inexplicable pain happens all too fast. Nothing ever lasts."

black jacket. Forever 21
grey halter top. Shibuya
floral skirt. Vintage
tattoo choker. The Rush
beaded bracelet. Made by me

There are so many things going through my mind lately but I don't want to squeeze them all into one blog post. I'll let my thoughts flow out little by little instead.
My busy college life has resulted in taking pictures in my room by myself again!
I wore this outfit to college a few days ago.
Kinda regretted not wearing jeans though because the weather was extremely chilly.
My classrooms weren't any warmer either so my legs were freezing throughout 4 straight hours of lessons. Thank god for my big backpack that I rested on top of my lap to shield them from the air conditioner!
College work is piling up again.
It's only been about three weeks in to the new semester but I'm already craving for a break.

So here's the first thing on the long list of stuff that have been going back and forth in my mind:
I'm currently in my third semester but the more I go to college,
the less I know what do I want to do in the future.
It's completely absurd, isn't it?
Maybe it's because I'm being exposed to so many different subjects that I got so lost in the large variety of topics to choose from to major for my degree.
Now there are several subjects that I've never bothered to ponder about before entering college but have started to stir an interest in after learning them in class.
There are, of course, still some subjects that I distinctly dislike.
I used to be so certain of how I want to lead my life after college.
But now, I don't have the slightest idea and it scares me.
I'm so indecisive and unsure about everything now.

I shall bore you no longer with my descriptions of my monotonous college life.
Thanks for reading as always <3
Hope you lovely people are enjoying life more than I am right now!

Am thinking of getting grey-colored contact lenses.
I've worn them before and I thought of wearing them again.
I'm hesitant of getting them because I've forgotten how I used to look like with them on
and I'm afraid of looking like a cutesy anime character.
*groans in frustration and fatigue*

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