Monday, September 21, 2015


photos by Avery Faith De Witt

Hey! Remember when I joined an ambassador programme by Shoppr?
If you don't, read the post here.

So Shoppr asked me to join them in their 14-Day Style Diary- a campaign that empowers girls to review their fashion decisions over 14 days to show how dressing well can improve one’s self-confidence. I personally think that it's a great campaign because I believe that being positive about yourself is the first step to being a more positive and better person (:

All you have to do is:
  1. Download Shoppr on your mobile device to join me in the challenge. You can track your progress there too
  2. Follow me on shoppr by typing "viwern" in the search bar in the app.
  3. Try to post a daily OOTD in Shoppr from September 21st to Sunday October 4th with a caption describing how you feel about your outfit decision of the day. (eg: this outfit hugs me in all the right places and makes my legs look longer. I feel more confident knowing my short legs look longer than they're supposed to be!)
The best part of this challenge is that one of you who completes the entire 14 day challenge with me, will be chosen at random to win an item (worth RM75) from one of your favourite brands on Shoppr!

It's not really a competition to see who has better style than someone else. The main purpose of this challenge is to document how what one wears can impact your mood/self-confidence (:

It starts on Monday, 21 Sept (today!) and ends Sunday, 4 Oct.
The pictures above are my first OOTD for the challenge.
Join me in the challenge and share your outfits on Shoppr with the hashtags above now :D

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