Thursday, August 20, 2015

We're Only As Young As The Minute Is

Managed to hang out with Gurveet last Friday at Setia Walk. 
As usual, we took tons of pictures along the way (how predictable).
We took turns to shoot pictures of each other and I'm contemplating of posting the photos I took of Gurveet. But firstly, I would need his permission haha!
The weather was inching closer to pouring rain as the clouds grew thicker and darker.
It was around 5pm and the sun was slowly making its way down the horizon as well.
Thankfully, it only started to pour a few moments after Gurveet dropped me home.
Due to the cloudy weather, our surroundings were filtered in a dark, dismal shade of twilight.
The pictures came out nice and pale even without editing but the saturation was still there.
All I had to do was tweak the saturation and brightness here and there and voila my pictures look just the way I'd like them to be.

I have to apologise for the incredibly grainy pictures. 
My ISO was set at 12400 the whole way through and I forgot to set it back to auto!
Yes I use auto most of the time because it helps me adjust the photos according to the lighting instantly and I'm always happy with the results.
I was completely unaware about the wrong setting until I reviewed the pictures after I got home.
Of course, it was already too late to take any new ones. 
But hey, at least they aren't overly grainy till you can't even make out my facial features ;)
Now, on to the details of my outfit:

black crop tee. Bugis Street, Singapore
sweat shorts. Forever 21
boots. Taiwan
baseball socks. Cotton On
black jacket. Forever 21
amethyst cord necklace, moon necklace. @Shop_TheRush (instagram)
backpack. Vintage
watch. Marc Jacobs
random bracelets. Cotton On

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