Friday, August 14, 2015

Photo/Video Diary: Sydney

* street style spotted*

There's this thing about cold weather that makes photos look stunning even without editing.
I took an 8-day vacation to Sydney in July.
After that, I went through a stressful time studying for my finals.
July till early August was hectic for me!
I'm relieved that it's all over now but it's as if the stress I experienced is still haunting me because I still get nightmares about college-life *no joke*.
The only thing I'm fearfully anticipating now is my grade report.

Worries aside, I hope you guys enjoy the little vlog I put together and the pictures!
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And thank for all the support <3
Love you guys and check back soon for a new post!



Regina C. said...

I loveeeee your hat <3

Julia Zadlo said...

Your photos are so lovely! The cold weather really does seem to have something about it that makes photography magical!
Waiting for more stuff :) Good luck with college - I'm sure you'll be fine....

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