Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Of Cigarettes & Nonsense

Today's post would be of pictures Jason, Praveen and I took during our 
short trip to an Espressolab near One Utama. 

The weather was perfectly gloomy and casted a beautiful tint of grey on my surroundings. It was still drizzling when we got to the cafe but we sat outside nonetheless. Despite my love for dark and gloomy weathers, my body simply couldn't bear the cold therefore I had to order a cup of hot chamomile tea to keep warm. 

We sat outside under an umbrella that sheltered us from the drizzle while filling the air with cigarette smoke and nonsense. Once we're done with our drinks, the boys played a game of pool indoors to end the day. You can tell that college has taken a toll on us judging by the drained, tired and worn out looks on our faces. This little chill-out session was just what we needed to unwind, especially me.

Don't even get me started on college. Yes, it has its perks (no uniforms, varied class hours, more freedom), but the amount of stress is far beyond from what I experienced in high school. 

I would rant.
But, nah, I don't think it's appropriate for me to do so
since I've only been in college for a mere two months!
Hope you guys liked the pictures
Thanks for reading <3

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