Wednesday, March 4, 2015


Reasons why I haven't been blogging:
1. I was working
2. I have nothing to post
3. I've been out and about almost everyday
4. I get too tired to do any shit when I get home
5. I'm lazy (lol)
6. I'm contemplating on making videos

Number 6 is my biggest dilemma cus i'm so insecure about it. I've been thinking of making videos for a very long time now since it's more entertaining, you guys get to see something other than my writing and photos plus it gives more variety to my blog.

I've been wanting to do a post about my shoe collection but I'm not sure should it be done in the usual photos and words post or in a video? An anon on my suggested that I should do a post on all the shoes I have, how should I style it and also which shoe do I feel is a must-have.

Most of the stuff on my to-do-list-after-SPM is done. All that's left now is to fix my hair, get my driver's license and get into college.

Gonna go for my driving exam next Tuesday and I get panic attacks whenever I think of it.

Wish me luck cus I NEED it

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Rachel Y. said...

If you want to make videos, do it! I love seeing bloggers' takes on video creation, and no doubt it's a refreshing way to showcase yourself and your content. I'd be thrilled for videos from you :) x

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