Monday, December 22, 2014

So, What Have I Been Up To?

The living hell known as high school is officially over, and a sense of uncertainty has filled it's space. I am more worried about my future than ever. I used to be so sure of what I want to do, who I wanna be, which course I wanna go and the path I want to lead after completing my degree. Now that I have more time to think about it long and hard, is that what I really want to be spending the rest of my life doing? It's not that I lost interest in it, it's cus maybe I want something more? I'm not sure. Gosh I'm more confused than ever.

Now on to the main purpose of this post! So..... What have I been up to after SPM?

I spent the last day of school taking pictures with my classmates 
because it's probably the last time I'll ever see them nor be with them in our uniforms.

I spent my birthday shopping. Bought a few needed basics.
Rings are from Mango and H&M.
Glasses from Medium Rare (bought in Fabspy).
Bag from Mango.
Thrifted oversized denim jacket (been wearing it a lot!).
White tee and floral dress are from F21.


I finally got a chance to meet up with Jason and hang out with Bernice too.
It was brief but I was glad to be able to catch up with my old friend again.
 The three of us chatted away at a surprisingly uncrowded Starbucks until Bernice and I had to leave.
You can see from the pictures of them above that they were being coy with my camera that day :P

On the Friday in the same week as I hung out with Bernice and Jason, 
Bernice and I also attended Topshop's Christmas party with an addition of Risny.
We met Jason and some of my other old high school friends there too 
whom aren't in any of the pictures above.
We met some nice new people there too (:
The pictures we took were mostly too embarrassing to be posted
and I made an oath to my friends that I'll never post them on the internet so yea hahaha
The party was alright but the best time we had was us three strolling around the streets of KL
laughing and talking mindless crap all the way.
*yes i dyed my hair but that's a story for another day*

 Decorated my room a little bit too ;)
Got this skull from Typo for only RM10!
It's supposed to be a pencil holder but I filled it with fake flowers instead.
You know me and my dark/girly ways hahaha

And of course, the end of the year means the Big Bad Wold book sale would be on.
I finally fulfilled my bookworm cravings.
If you're wondering what books I bought, all I can say is that their mostly horror fiction.
I cant possibly name you all the titles since there's about 26 of them haha!

 I also got really into this new UK band called Royal Blood. 
I bought their album as a birthday gift to myself.

And I am finally able to catch up with Daria episodes. 
Been spending my nights watching marathons of it.
But I've lately summoned the courage to watch American Horror Story as well.

Lastly, I just returned from my trip to Taiwan!
I'll make a post about it soon so stay tuned ;)

Before I end this post I can't help but wonder though. Do people still read my blog? 
Well, if you're reading this, thank you for sticking around.
I'm back from my hiatus and will be writing new posts frequently for some period of time again (hopefully!).


TianHuey said...

how did you get the skull for so cheap omg O_O i want some of that action too *o*

V I W E R N said...

it was on sale haha! i immediately nabbed it cus how often do u see something at rm10 in typo?

TianHuey said...

do you think the sale is still going on? omg

V I W E R N said...

it is the year end... i think it is im not sure? i got this skull at the typo at pavilion btw!

Rachel Y. said...

I still very much read your blog haha! Sadly, I rarely have the time nowadays to get around to commenting. But here I am, here's wishing you a lovely 2015 Viwern!

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