Thursday, December 25, 2014


Hung out with Bernice again a few days ago. She slept over and we had an American Horror Story marathon. We finished season 1 together but got too freaked out to watch the rest of season 2 after watching it's first episode haha! It was a much needed bonding time for us since we haven't seen each other in weeks. 

I took the chance to have a little shoot with her. 

 We kinda took turns to shoot each other. (shoot. lol). The weather's been pretty gloomy lately. I didn't have to do much to make the photos pale just the way I like it since the sunlight wasn't the least bit harsh on the time of the shoot therefore making the pictures "pale" on it's own haha!

*with the help of my trusty tripod, we got to take some shots together*

on Bernice:
sweater. Forever 21
yin yang bandage skirt. Cotton On
creepers. from Japan
choker. vintage (my mom's)

on me:
denim jacket. thrifted
sleeveless black crop top. Bershka
black skater skirt. Cotton On
boots. from Taiwan
choker. The Rush
plain silver rings. H&M
black jewel ring. Mango


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Fashionascend said...

so many pictures! but great post btw...digging the semi grunge semi goth look. love the looks on both of you! :D

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