Thursday, October 9, 2014

Rockin' Vibes with Rockiss

Yes I am back!

I received a parcel full of clothes and cool stickers from Rockiss last Friday. Once I had the parcel, the packaging was gone in a flash. I was like a five-year-old girl opening up presents on Christmas. But instead of opening the wrapper nicely like how a five-year-old would, I literally dug my nails in and ripped it open. Nonetheless, I treated the actual stuff in it like it was buried treasure. The clothes were absolutely lovely! I even got two stickers along with it.

I've been wearing the lace cape very frequently due to the country's chilly weather at this time of the year. It's not too thick but not too thin either- perfect to accommodate the unpredictable climate changes in my country. 

The turtle neck crop top is my favourite in the entire parcel because it goes well with anything! Not to mention, it is cottony soft and comfortable to the touch. As you all would know, I am a big fan of versatile basics. 

I wore the lace cape and turtle neck top out to Sunway to meet up with my bae, Risny. I paired these two together along with a velvet skirt, crosses and skulls belt and creepers to complete the semi-gothic/casual look. You can get the lace cape here to add a touch of gothic flair to your outfits and the turtle neck crop top here to include another fashionable basic to your closet!

I have yet to style the third product which is a plaid skater skirt. I've been seeing similar plaid skater skirts on the streets and the net a lot. Honestly, I've been planning to get one for myself but I was hesitant because I already own a 3/4 one in a bandage skirt style. I was very happy to see its bright red color peek through the blackness of the latter when it was in the package. I plan to pair the skirt with an oversized black sweater and black boots. The entire outfit sorta screams 90s/grunge/schoolgirl to me. Throw on a choker or two and it's perfect. Comfort is my main priority when it comes to clothing. And to me, nothing is more comfortable than oversized sweaters! The bright colors and intricate designs on the skirt makes the whole ensemble more eye-catching. Click here to grab your own plaid skater skirt before it's all gone!

Much thanks to my lovely photographer of the day, Risny Tan
She blogs as well! Here's the link: ryvesbyrisny


Oh look how time flies.
It's already October.
Hope you guys liked this post and that you all had a great year (:



Fashionascend said...

wow did you order those stuffs from rockiss? they're super cool ;D

great post btw!

Viwern Wong said...

They sent them to me actually hahahaha! They're amazingggg

TianHuey said...

Eeeee the plaid skirt and lace cape are lovely *-* NEED

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