Wednesday, September 3, 2014


Romper // Burnt Velvet
Backpack // vintage (was my aunt's)
black boots // Bugis Street
bracelets and ring // gifts+thrift stores

I'm finally back! My trials officially ended yesterday and I finally found time to blog about this look I shot a while back. Finally got to wear this lovely romper. There's actually a huge key-hole at the back that I forgot to take shot of lol. 
Started using this vintage backpack rather than my old one cus it's bigger and has thicker straps. My usual one has really thin straps that make me shoulders ache after carrying it for an hour or so. 

I put a lot of crap in my bag which contributes to heap loads unnecessary weight. 

Burnt Velvet has been shut down for several months now due to my exams. I'm afraid I have to prolong it's closing cus I have been chosen to participate in National Service (or PLKN. here in my country it doesn't matter if you're a girl or a guy if you're "lucky" you'll get picked but chill its not just military service). I'm still contemplating on it though. The only way for me to not attend NS is to flee the country and never come back or..... i don't know. There's almost no escape. I've even listed out the pros and cons of it and obviously the cons outweigh the pros. You can google and wikipedia about NS to see why do I find it so intimidating. 

I've been featured in two websites recently:
This was posted some time ago but I just noticed it recently cus I was messaged through my lookbook and I don't check my lookbook too often. It's an article about acid wash denim jackets. Read the full article by clicking the link above ^ :D

This feature is much more recent. It was just posted today actually! It features the outfit that you have just saw (or scrolled through) above. Click the link above to see what AFS has to say about my look ^

Won't be blogging much anymore until my exams are over
or until I've finished NS (which I hope not).
But I will be posting one more post with some few shots
from my trip to Singapore last weekend!
Thanks for sticking around love you guys x


shanaz@RS said...

Ahh, thank you dear Viwern for the mention! :) I love the way you style your floral romper and edge it up with the vintage backpack, booties and accessories. One of my favorite looks from you by far. Keep your chin up and not to worry about NS, it'd be a blip in your radar before long :)

xx missreverie | Fashionista NOW

Kathi Cheok said...

I absolutely adore your style! Anyway congratulations on being featured!

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