Friday, September 26, 2014

Photo diary: Singapore 2014

Hey! I'm back with a new post as promised.

This was from several weeks ago where I took a short trip to Singapore during my one-week break after trials.

Didn't take much pictures as I went to the same places. I wouldn't wanna bore you guys out with pictures of the same places just with different angles! The pictures above were taken in the car while making our journey there and also in the most gorgeous cafe ever.

We went to a cafe called P.S. Cafe situated in a little park-like area. I can't name you it's exact location cus I've forgotten it haha (update: thanks to my good friend Rachel, i now recall that it's situated at Dempsey Hill). I had a sandwich with a very exotic sauce, turkey ham, bacon, eggs and some unidentified vegetables. I distinctly remember the sauce having some cranberry pieces in it and it tasted quite tangy. My drink was a moroccan mint tea. The use of real, fresh mint leaves made it a strong but refreshing infusion. The second last picture was one of our deserts. Yes, those are big fluffy marshmallows in the middle! All I could say is eating it was as if you've drifted off into a chocolatey heaven. If you're not a fan of sweet stuff, I suggest you go for the flour-less orange cake. It was also nice, but was a bit bland for me.

P.S. cafe was definitely a nice cafe with delicious food and amazing ambience. It's surrounded by lush greenery and sunlight shone through every corner as the walls were glass. It's absolutely peaceful and relaxing. Perfect as a Sunday getaway spot.

I'm real busy with prom and of course SPM now
but I feel that I could squeeze in one or two more posts ;)
thanks for reading!


Rachel Y. said...

Oh Viwern, I actually adore the pale feels of your photos! And it perfectly encapsulates the neutrality of the scene, which makes the beauty all the more striking. The cafe looks wonderful. I think I almost went there once according to a friend's recommendation. Dempsey Road, was it? :)
P.S. Next time you're in Singapore, let me know 'cause I might be there too! x

Viwern Wong said...

Rachel! t's been so long since I've last heard from you. Your lovely words never fails to put a smile on my face (:
Ahh yes now I remember... It's actually Dempsey Hill haha
Will do but I'm afraid my next trip would have to wait longer than usual :/

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