Friday, August 1, 2014


Wanted to get this from typo so badly but I didn't know what to do with it haha

tank from Burnt Velvet

Some of my random snapshots here, there, everywhere. Plan on redecorating my room but it's in a mess so I need to clean it up first. But sadly, cleaning up is on my list of things I'm bad at. I get so easily distracted by the stuff I find while I clean up! 

Trials are around the corner and right after that, it's pile after pile of exams leading up to the big SPM. My schedule is so tight that I am forced to shut down Burnt Velvet till December.

For some reason, I have had Nirvana, Arctic Monkeys and Motionless in White on constant replay for this entire week. My current favourites from them would be
  • Heart-shaped Box // Nirvana
  • R U Mine? // Arctic Monkeys
  • Black Damask // Motionless in White

I can't seem to find a strong connection between these three songs. I thought if I could see the connection, I'd understand why do I like them so much. Sadly I don't. I just like them. Maybe it's the catchy beat? No idea. I'll place all three videos for the songs below and maybe you could give it a listen. 


Rachel Darkbloom said...

Nice photos! I'm in love with your chokers xx said...

goshhhhhhhh serioulyyyy im in love with your outfit that tartan oversize shirts was amazinggggggg

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