Thursday, June 5, 2014

The Waves Will Pull Us Under

striped tee // H&M
skater skirt // Cotton On
jelly sandals // Cotton On (Rubi)
acid wash denim bomber jacket // P.A.

Really old photos. I remember it was quite chilly that day. The denim bomber is my new fave basic.
Been really into basics lately. Well, you can probably see that from this outfit. 
Blogger made my photos orangey again.

I recently received the best advice ever given to me by a friend. That is to NOT CARE. 
It takes some practice for me to fully embrace this "i don't care" attitude. But I feel that I'm progressing quite steadily. I'm starting to let go on losses. What's the use to hold on to someone or a situation that no longer needs nor wants you? When you've already given your ultimate best but no one appreciates it nor gives a damn why keep on trying? Why burden yourself? Why make yourself bitter over someone else's situation? I've tried my best, I did, I really did. They don't care. They don't want me to care. They repeat the same shit. "Same shit different day" my dad would mutter to himself sometimes. 

Sometimes, they themselves are the only people who are able to solve their own problems. You can't help, no matter how much you want, no matter how you know or believe that your way will solve it so much faster. You just gotta let some people be. Sometimes, people just walk out of your life, permanently. No matter how many times you tell them you need them, no matter how many tears you shed for them, no matter how hard you beg or told them to stay, they still choose to go. Yes it hurts. But why hurt for someone who wouldn't even cry at your funeral? 

So yea, here's a piece of advice: when you know you've tried your best, given all you've got, but nothing seems to work, budge or change, let go and move on.


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