Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Burnt Velvet I

My friend Don came over to pick up her sun choker that she bought from my store. I was in dire need of a model and I couldn't' find anyone in the last minute so I asked if she could model for me. She said yes and I was overjoyed and relieved at the same time.

Don was a natural and she's oh-so-skinny. Shorts that were tight for me were oversized for her! Talk about self-esteem breakdown. Blogger messed up the colors of all the pics again though :/

These are some of the many clothes I'm selling. But they may not be on sale anymore cus I'm switching suppliers. 

Sadly, I only do posting within Malaysia. So if you're in Malaysia and you wanna get stuff from @burnt_velvet, contact me through my WeChat: Viwernnn, or LINE: burnt_velvet (:

For the prices of the pieces above, please refer to @burnt_velvet on instagram.

The holidays have have finally started! Which means I get more time to actually do things that I enjoy (blogging for example). But of course, I need to make time for studying. I have two more exams to go which then leads to the big ol' SPM. 

Be back soon

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