Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Photo diary: Hot Air Balloon Fiesta 2014

Here's another Photo Diary!
Went to the annual Hot Air Balloon Fiesta at Putrajaya last Sunday.
I chose to wore the flannel at first cus it looked like it would rain, but in the end it did not.
The temperature was at its very peak instead. The flannel was quite thick so you could guess the amount of sweat that I was perspiring at that moment.

The atmosphere felt very foreign. If you ignored the weather and the people, the whole environment and the on-going activities felt as if you were in those western countries where people actually hung out in parks and sat on the grass and stuff lol. Bubbles were every whereeeeeeee as you can see in the pictures.

Beanbags sponsored by Doof were laid out on a little field called the "Picnic Area". We went during the evening but I checked their website and on it they said that in the morning they served breakfast. And with every breakfast set you purchased, they'd give you a free picnic mat. At that time when I was there, discarded picnic mats were laying on the ground. Though the previous "owner" did not want them, it did benefit those people who came after them including me hahaha. At least I could sit on the ground and not get my butt or legs dirty.

The main attraction- as in the hot air balloons- were kind of a disappointment though. There weren't as many as I expected and only 2 or 3 took flight. Others just sat on the ground inflated for a few moments then deflated. I was really looking forward to watch the bike-shaped one take flight. I was really curious on how the basket would be balanced but sadly nope it did not took flight ):

The pictures turned out quite nice to me. It was as if all of them were sun-kissed. If the Malaysian weather would get a little cooler, I'd hang out in parks all the time (with sunscreen still lathered all over though haha).

thanks for reading guys!
love all of you

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Mandy Ooi said...

That bike shaped hot air balloon looks amazing! Too bad it didn't take flight though :/ Great outdoor pictures! I like your earrings as well. haha.

xx Mandy

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