Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Photo diary: Colmar

sweater // H&M
baggy pants // Forever 21
quartz crystal necklace // Cotton On
rings // Diva+H&M+Forever21
watch // Marc Jacobs
jelly sandals // Cotton On
sunnies // Platinum, Bangkok
backpack // Platinum, Bangkok

Pictures from two weeks ago!

I've been posting so many photo diaries that my blog is sorta like becoming some travel diary lol.

Went to this place called Colmar. I've honestly never knew it even existed in my country. It's bigger than Fraser's Hill but pretty much has the same concept as it which is a European style village/town.

Sorry for the bad quality pictures. My DSLR was at Europe (and i mean the real one) with my sister at that time. BUT IT'S BACK NOW :D

There wasn't much to do there. But the scenery and landscaping is what makes this place so special. Was complaining the whole journey through on why can't my sister get her own DSLR. I literally bought mine with my own money. 

Will definitely go there again some day. But with my friends for photoshoots or just hanging around enjoying the cool air and amazing scenery.

It's exams week sigh.
Be back real soon!


Fashionascend said...

your pictures are lovely! very interesting style too! i love your watch in particular ;))

Rachel Y. said...

You are such a natural with the camera, lucky you Viwern. :) These pictures look great, I thought for sure you'd be somewhere in Europe! x

Viwern Wong said...

thank you so much for the multiple compliments! greatly appreciated <3

Viwern Wong said...

ohh pfffftttt. You look effortless in all of your pictures, please! thank you so much haha the landscape is absolutely breathtaking (:

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