Saturday, April 19, 2014


no jawline cus too fat lol

My baby is gone for 10 days. My sister borrowed it for her trip to Europe. Sigh....
There was the loveliest afternoon light today and I couldn't capture it. The amount of light cascaded my room was just enough that it casted shadows every where so perfectly. SIGH.......

So here's a compilation of old photos.

My friends and I entered a play competition today. We've been practicing this whole week. Yes, I know, it's very last minute. But I personally feel that we performed it fairly well. The crowd shared a generous amount of applause and bursts of laughter. I'd love to tell you what's the play about and all of it's details but I have something more important to pour out here.

When I care about people, I stress about them. Like when I see them going down the wrong road, and they don't listen to me, and I try to not care but I will still care. I get so frustrated about it. Have you ever had a close friend turn into the EXACT person you would hate? It's a huge WTF moment for me. Like, I love and hate that person at the same time. I can't stand being seen beside that person, but at the same it I want to pour my heart out to help that person. 


BTW I would really love to know who actually reads my blog. If all of my readers would comment ONE comment at the bottom of this post, it would be nice. But for some reason, I feel that that's not happening! It's alright. I still love you. I love you all so much. 

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*stuffs face into midnight cereal*
Yes I am eating cereal right now because I am hungry.
I know i haven't posted an outfit post in a really long time
well you guys still have to wait cus as i've mentioned,
my DSLR ain't with me D:
I miss taking photos too


Kwan Yi Pei said...

One comment inserted here -- hahaha said...

Just found your blog and love all the photography and your layout


Hey Viwern x
You've really improved your photography skills and i do love your style!
Hahaks. hurry up post a new post!i can't wait to read it alrdy.

Viwern Wong said...


Viwern Wong said...

thank you so much! just followed your blog, i love it x

Viwern Wong said...

hi patricia :D thank you so much. im still finding a certain color that really fits to my liking. im always trying to improve. i reallyyyy appreciate your feedback! okay will do ahah it's gonna be another photo diary tho. stay tuneddd

Rachel Y. said...

One of your hugest supporters here, at your service! x

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