Sunday, March 9, 2014


Remember when I said I'm gonna be posting about my thoughts, feelings, random photography, snapshots and stuff like that in my previous post? Here's one now.

When I become emotionally attached to a person, I have a very hard time letting go or accepting any changes that would part me from that person. Ego ruins relationships. To me, a person's ego can really destroy and become a huge problem in a relationship. Of course, everyone has an ego- it just depends on how big their ego is. For me, I think I have quite a fairly large ego towards specific situations. But I am certain that I know when to put it down. Learning to compromise is definitely the key to solve any issue. I am stubborn too. When I've set my mind on something, I would usually stand my ground. I know that's bad but I only do that when I know I have a good amount of facts and reason to support my stubbornness towards a decision. I also demand equality. To me, equality is important to stabilise just about anything. When I feel that someone or myself did not get a fair share of something, be it attention or materialistic items, I would definitely speak up. Basically, I'm not afraid to stand my ground on what I KNOW, not think, but know what's right.

There's a positive side and a negative side to this, of course. But I bet all of you would know the pros and cons to this without me mentioning it. 

I'm not very good with words or expressing myself so I often get misunderstood. It upsets me when someone takes what I have to say in a wrong way. Of course, I would try my best to explain to that person till they have fully comprehend on what I said. 

Sometimes you meet someone who is so stubborn and has built their wall up so thick and high that it is impossible to penetrate, someone that would not listen to any of your opinions and only stick to what was in their mind in the first place. You've put all your ego down to talk to them honestly and whole-heartedly but they refuse to give in and really listen. It simply heart-wrenching. And at times like this, you just have to give up. That's what I'm trying to do now: give up. But as I mentioned before, I find it very difficult to lose all connection with someone whom I once cared very deeply for.

Am trying to fill my days with productive tasks and surround myself with the people I love who love me too. Just trying to tell myself that friends come and go, and at rare times family come and go too.


Rachel Y. said...

It's good to know you have your priorities in check. They say that people come and go; they serve a purpose in our life and inevitably leave. It's all a matter of not looking out for yourself too, especially if you get attached to people. I'm the type of person who depends on others in order to feel happy, and so far the lack of complication in friendships has been pleasant. Yet I may be treading a very dangerous line by doing so. I think it's wonderful that you know when to let down your walls to someone - but do remember, some people are not worth it. Even if they are, but would not give you the time of day, that's when things indeed get tricky. Those who refuse to give a second chance have their reason too, and if you've tried everything in your power to resolve the situation, maybe that's when we have to let go.
Sorry to babble on, I just realised how much I can relate to this. Well, past Rachel that is. I used to be in this position many times. And thank you for knowing what's important; it's heartwarming to hear that you're focusing on the positive too.

Viwern Wong said...

YES SOMEONE I CAN RELATE TO. you're lucky that your life is going on smoothly, well at least you're not facing any social issues or relationship crisis. thanks for your wise words once again. really sometimes i feel u have a brain of an old, experienced, retired granny. that's a compliment okay! am really trying to focus on the brighter side of life but tht side seems really foggy to me too right now.

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