Sunday, March 23, 2014

Photo Diary: Fraser's Hill 9/3/14

crop top. Mondo (Singapore)
skater skirt. Cotton On
denim jacket. Padini Aunthentics
ankle boots. Bugis Street

As you can see from the title these pictures were from 9th March hahahahahaha
There was too much to filter and edit plus I've been heading out till I reach home considerably late at night a lot. 

Went on a day trip to Fraser's Hill with the family. The road up the hill was terrible (no exaggeration here. it was truly terribleeee). It's my first time there and it's actually a pretty small place. There wasn't an abundance of attractions or coffee houses we could visit. You wouldn't really have much of a place to roam unless you decide to head in to the forests hahahaha. 
Am getting fatter and fatter by the day. LOOK AT THE FOOD THEY SERVEEEEE. Had lunch at the Ye Olde Smokehouse. I swear, their fruit pudding is the best. BY FAR THE BEST FRUIT PUDDING I'VE EVER TASTED. If I had enough money to hire my own personal dessert chef one day, I'd hire this guy who made our desserts that day. I'm serious here. SUPER SUPER SERIOUS.

The Smokehouse wasn't just a restaurant, it was a hotel too. But it bore the outlook of a quaint little western cottage. I forgotten to take a pic of it's exterior but look at it's interior. It's so warm and cozy, it really gives off the sense of feeling at home. From the worn out furniture to the vintage paintings, doesn't it remind you of your grandparents' house or something? If I ever take a trip to Fraser's Hill again but this time for an overnight stay, I'll definitely book a room here. 

It wasn't as cold as I expected. Like, I don't even need my denim jacket and I'd still feel normal. It was cooler than KL of course, but not freezing. I don't know about the night but daytime was pretty alright. I'm one of those people who are terrified of the slightest of cold, so if I could stand the weather, maybe you could get sort of an idea on how the temperature was like that day. 

Heading out on Tuesday to catch up with some old friends
Maybe we'll even take some pictures?
Haha hope you guys like the pics
stay tuned and thanks for stopping by


Fashionascend said...

Gorgeous photos Viwern! Lovely place and I love how your look is perfect for the trip

Rachel Y. said...

Your photo diaries have got to be the best! Heaps of vivid imagery. I wish I could take as many photos as you do, when I go to great places.

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