Saturday, March 15, 2014

Love Will Tear Us Apart

Joy Division tank // Chinatown 
Black Chiffon Kimono // H&M
Buckle Boots // Topshop
Midi Rings // H&M, Forever 21
Studded Shorts // Vintage (DIY studs)

About the fruits, my family got this new slow juicer so we've bought tonssss of fruit to juice with. I've been drinking a lot of fresh juice lately. I usually drink apples with strawberries so that explains why I've chosen to take pictures of both of them. 

Blogger really has a tendency to turn pictures into a more yellowish hue when I upload them. WHY DOES THIS KEEP HAPPENING URGH.

Went to Mid Valley for lunch last Saturday. Haven't been out for ages so I never got a chance to wear my kimono that I bought some time ago with my friend, Bernice. Would much appreciate it if the Joy Division tank was longer haha. Got it for like RM15 at Chinatown aka Petaling Street during CNY. No, I am not a huge fan of Joy Division. I've only heard two songs from them which is the name of this blog title and She's Lost Control. The music is nice but I'm not really feeling it for the singer's voice. SORRY IF I OFFENDED/INSULTED ANY JOY DIVISION FANS. I really, really like the album art for Unknown Pleasures though haha. This tank is sorta different cus the hills go all the way around the whole tank. The ones I see are usually just a rectangle of hills on the front with the word JOY DIVISION on top and UNKNOWN PLEASURES below.

Was wearing my newly bought Revlon Colorburst Matte Lip Balm in Standout. Actually I've forgotten was it Standout or Elusive. But I'm feeelinggggg that it's Standout. It's slightly minty and feels exactly like a lip balm on your lips. It doesn't give you that dry, chappy, sticky feeling like what lipsticks usually give. I think it's a really great product because you got the smoothness and moisture of a lip balm AND the color and matte-ness of a lipstick. Gonna get other colors in the future. 

will post some photos and maybe, MAYBE a short video
of my trip to Fraser's Hill on Sunday soon

GIVEAWAY? (i dont know do i have that enough amount of readers)
A VIDEO OF ME TALKING? (or maybe not cus im stupid in fornt of the camera)


Xiu said...

OMG I want your midi rings. Send them to me! I wish there was a forever21 and H&M in sydney.
Nice outfit !

Viwern Wong said...

i have a friend living in perth and she said that perth doesn't have topshop either. Do you have topshop there? it's actually quite a shocker to know that australia does not have F21 nor H&M! O.O btw thanks haha C:

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