Friday, February 21, 2014

Witching Hour

checkered top // cotton on
double slit maxi skirt // forever 21
cross & skulls belt // cotton on
bowler hat // Beijing
backpack // Bangkok
shoes // @Vintage_Runaway (instagram) 
skull ring // vintage
leather cuff // gift
spike bracelet // gift

I really hate people who victimize themselves when they are the clear perpetrator. 

Just a mere thought ^

But hey I'm back. Sh*t load of school work recently and it's just the second month of 2014. Imagine the amount of assignments and homework I would have in the months ahead. Well, it is my final year of high school and it's off to college so I will damn sure do the best I can. 

I wonder how old are my readers. 12 and below (lol), 13-17, 18-25, 25 and above? Would love to hear from all of you really. 

It's been more or less my third year blogging but I still get so excited when people comment on my posts. Good or bad, whatever it may be, I just feel all fluttery inside when I see a new comment. I really appreciate all of you and your continuous support. Big big big love 

These pictures were during the fourth day of CNY, if my memory doesn't fail me. It's probably one of my favorite looks. I wore the heels I won from an old giveaway from Vintage Runaway (which is now permanently closed ngawwww :C *update: THEY JUST REOPENED). They wouldn't be overly eye-catching because my sheer skirt drape over it, with the slits revealing it from time to time as I move. Finally wearing my bowler hat I got from Beijing. It was made out of wool but I was in Mid Valley so my head couldn't catch on fire due to the CNY heat outside the mall at that time. 

This cross and skulls belt has become one of my fave accessories. It's quite simple but it can make quite a statement to a plain outfit. Just strap it on and it adds a hint of edge and grunge to it!

I think I'm gonna start posting about
my random thoughts and photographies here.
Gonna make my blog not just about my personal style,
but my daily life too.
So am I gonna be what people call
a "lifestyle blogger"?
Idk haha
I don't really label myself as anything actually.
So yea in the future I'll be posting my recent opinions/thoughts
or some of my random photography or photos
of me going out and about to places and restaurants
just about anything really haha
i'll be tagging these posts as "the others".
so if you wanna see posts like these in the future,
just click on the tab that says "the others" on my sidebar 


Julia Zadlo said...

The maxi-skirt is a winner for me! :) I love how you post soo many pics and then write your words of wisdom:) Can't wait for more xxx

Gloria Sanchez said...

Super style <3
Visit my blog...

Viwern Wong said...

thank you! i've been searching high and low for it haha so when i saw it in F21 i ran straight to it and told myelf I HAVE TO GET THIS NO MATTER HOW BROKE I AM RIGHT NOW. i really appreciate it that you take the time to read every word (: i wouldnt say it's "wisdom" but yea i try to bring out my best because i dont really think my language is that good. thanks for your support julia :D

Viwern Wong said...

Thank you dear (: just checked it out! you're mexican? O: i wish i undertsood what you wrote tho haha sorry

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