Saturday, February 1, 2014

Where's the Fun?

tee // Topshop
velvet skirt // Montifs, Singapore
black ankle boots // Singapore
triangular necklace // Times Square
arrow cuff // @sofetch_asia (on insatgram)
spike bracelet // Platinum, Bangkok
midi rings // H&M

Okay this post is a day late cus I came home at 12am yesterday and was crying tears of fatigue so I was unable to post it on time.

So here's what I wore for the first day of  Chinese New Year!

Two of my favorite pieces I bought for CNY: this printed tee from Topshop and this burgundy velvet skirt. You'll be seeing me wearing these two pieces quite often in the future, no doubt!

Re-watching the 56th Annual Grammies now. Ms. Swift is performing now. Not bad, not bad. Love her dress tho <3 Stopped loving her ever since her Speak Now album and also when she became a famed "playgirl". LIKE SERIOUSLY HARRY STYLES THEN SOME OTHER GUY THEN A SONG ABOUT THE GUYS SHE DATED AND DUMPED HERSELF. Okay I don't know much about celebs but that's basically all I know that seems pretty true to me. Like, I'm not making any assumptions. It's all over the media and written in her songs. Sorry Swifty fans.

Well, I hope I can post today's post before 12am!
Stay tuned stay tuned
How's your CNY anyways?
Would love to hear in the comments below.
Like do you people read this or am I typing
a bunch of stuff just cus I like typing stuff
or is there someone out there who actually read me crap?
I'm a very straight forward person kay.
Talking too much again.


Rachel Y. said...

Looking good Viwern! ;) Anyway nice to see you getting all festive, it's definitely a great opportunity to incorporate red into your outfit (which you've nailed perfectly). Also in love with your graphic t-shirt! I could never afford anything from Topshop apart from socks/underwear HAH, or I'd be completely broke.
My CNY has been low-key so far, thank you for asking. I don't usually celebrate it much as I didn't grow up with the cultural tradition, but I certainly don't mind the good food. Now that's a shameless confession. Hope yours is going well, get lots of money too! x

Xiu said...

OMG I want your shirt to add to my building collection!
I also wore a graphic tshirt for CNY! I didn't keep in traditional with the red clothes though XD

Viwern Wong said...

thanks rachel! the tee was on sale ;) hahaha basically everything i get from brands like Topshop/ZARA are on sale. i wouldnt splurge on their socks or undies although their my little pony undies are to die for hahahah x
you're welcomed to join me and my family for the next CNY. I guarantee you'd experience a somewhat traditional one haha. we still stick to the tea drinking ceremonies and small stuff like that. rolling in le moneyyyyy

Viwern Wong said...

you collect graphic tees? hahaha i understand that they are super comfy and will never go out of style! i love them too
checked your blog. you didn't post a pic of your outfit? i would love to see it!!!

julia zadlo said...

Beauitufl blog, the t-shirt is fabulous, and I can see why you love this look - it's very lovable. Thank you for sharing, waiting for more stuff:)

Viwern Wong said...

thank you for the kind words! much much much appreciated. just posted a new one haha here's the link

so glad to hear that you enjoy reading my posts btw people like you keep me going :)))

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