Saturday, February 8, 2014


dress // gift
creepers // Japan
socks // H&M
backpack // local store

Back with another post! This post features my outfit from last Saturday which was the second day of CNY. 

Took a short trip to Genting again. This time with the company of my relatives. 

The heat of the CNY weather affected Genting as well. I quite expected this. The wind was still cool but overall the weather is slightly more warmer than your usual chilly, below-15-degrees weather.

I don't really know how to describe this "thing" I'm wearing. It's like a sweater but it's long enough to be a dress. Just calling it a dress doesn't fully embrace the item itself because it is more than a mere dress lol. So I'll just call it a sweater dress. Is that even a real clothing piece? I don't know. But yea, in my dictionary, this is a sweater dress.

I'm back to my monotone, basic, solid colors habit again. The whole outfit is simply in just two man colors as you can see. I didn't even bothered to throw on any accessories because I felt really lazy that day. I've been quite into oversized stuff and full length stuff lately, and NO PANTS. I'm starting to really hate pants cus my thighs have become much much fatter than before. Wearing pants sorta makes my thighs "stand out". Not to mention my pants/shorts/leggings have became tighter. I'm not blindly ranting about it like how girls usually do. I KNOW I have become larger in appearance and size cus I compared my recent pictures to my old ones. And you know you're truly fat when your family calls you fat too. Okay enough ranting!

I needa get more skater dresses with sleeves. Lovelovelove wearing them. I only have this grey one I got from a sale at Topshop. I would wear it everyday if I could but of course I can't.

My hair's getting frizzier day by day. I've never really dealt with an extremely frizzy hair before I got a perm. So this crazed, wild, untamable hair is sorta new to me. ANY IDEA HOW DO I TAME IT BUT STILL HAVE MY CURLS/WAVES? 

And currently brainstorming how to play 
Can You Feel My Heart by BMTH on the piano. 
I'm not musically talented enough to play a whole song by ear. 
Back to the piano!


Emi ♡ 恵美 said...

Your BAG!!! *0* So coool I love it!!

恵美より ♥

Viwern Wong said...

thank you! i got it for a super cheap price too haha!

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