Wednesday, January 8, 2014


muscle tee. H&M
kimono. Yashou (Beijing, China)
shorts. vintage
ankle boots. Bugis Street (Singapore)
sunnies. Beijing, China
necklaces and bracelet. Lovendania

Heyyy! Back with  new post like finally x

The new semester has begun for me. Urgh. It's my final year so yea... I needa juggle my time wayyy better because this is the final cut, and I really want to do well.

On this post, I collaborated with Lovendania. They're a Singaporean-based online shop selling tons of unique and imported trinkets, accessories, decals and many more.

They just created their new website which you can check out here

They are probably the most unique shop I have ever came across! I love the whole outlook of their website. They're currently still a bit new and the items they have to offer right now on their website are a little limited. But no fret! There will definitely be more in the future.

As mentioned above, they are a Singaporean-based shop but they do international shipping (so yea us malaysians can totally get our hands on their stuff too!). I was more than honored when I was asked to this collab with them.

All the accessories I'm wearing (except for the sunnies) were sent to me from them. My absolute fave is the wishbone necklace. I've always wanted one! So when I got my parcel, I felt super happy to open up to it in it's tiny little plastic bag. I've seen infinity bracelets around but never really thought of getting one. It was a nice surprise to get one from them though. The spiked one with diamonds is really cool. Cus I thought it sorta looked like gold eyelashes with little diamonds on it hahahaha.

The accessories seem very indie to me. So what screams "INDIE" louder than a tribal kimono? I paired the accessories with my tribal kimono, black muscle tee and vintage denim shorts. Wore my new black ankle boots to complete that look to achieve that indie/grunge look I really adore.

Lovendania is definitely one of a kind. Not your typical, ordinary accessory shop. Service is efficient, dependable and of course FRIENDLY! And I have to emphasize on the friendly part. 

Check out their website at
And follow their instagram at @lovendania

You will see me wearing their accessories very often
Because I am in love with them!
Though simple, but indeed special.


on a completely unrelated note:
the internet has convinced me to NEED to own a Furby
so yea... i need a furby really badly.


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Looking good, Viwern! xxx

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thanks rachel! :D

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