Tuesday, December 10, 2013

What's Dead Can't Die

dress. Guangzhou, China
cardigan. Primark
gold chain. Cotton On
sock. H&M
brogues. Singapore
studded leather cuff. gift
spike bracelets. Platinum, Bangkok
bag. thrifted
sunnies. Tian Jin Art Street, China

An outfit I wore I think around Wednesday last week to watch Catching Fire. I am a Hunger Games fan ;))) sadly the movie wasn't really up to my expectations. The book described it much better.

It was kinda chilly recently. And I brought out this cardigan my sister got for me from Primark several years back. It's probably my best friend. It's slightly oversized, uber comfy and perfectly black with a slight glittery shine to it. Great to just slip on for cold weathers like this or if I need some layers. I've been wearing it quite often lately haha.

The dress with it's round neck, trimmed hem and logo makes the whole outfit more to the grunge side don't you think? And because I'll be in a cinema and it will be quite cold I slipped into some tights. Got y favorite brogues and wore a pair of grey socks to match with the grey/black theme. And of course gold accessories to add along with (:

and about the instagram photos i'd just like to say thanks to ilovefashionbloggers for featuring me on their instagram for like three times now! You can go follow their instagram @ilovefashionbloggers and mine @viwernnn (: 

If i can get it to upload
i'll be posting my first video hahaha
what's it about?
you'll just have to wait for it to upload to find out ;)

thanks for tuning in 


Xiu said...

I really love this outfit! I would so wear this! nice job

Rachel Yeo said...

Your style is so rad! That instagram account has done you justice.

Paola Ro said...

I love the way you use that t-shirt! And your shoes are awesome!!


Viwern Wong said...

thank you! yes you should try it it's uber comfyyyyy

Viwern Wong said...

thanks Rachel! your compliments never fail to make me smile :))))))

Viwern Wong said...

it's a dress actually! thank you ((:

Anonymous said...

Malaysia does have Primark ???!!

Viwern Wong said...

no it doesnt. my sister got it for me while she was in the UK (:

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