Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Photoshoot: Wandering Souls

crop top. Bershka
maxi slit skirt. H&M (Bernice's)
chain necklace. Cotton On
long single charm necklace. DIY
sandals. Vincci (old)
midi rings. Forever 21
flower crown. DIY (Bernice's)

these pictures are about a week old! These were taken last Thursday. Bernice requested to do this little "photoshoot" with me overcome her "camera-shyness" lol.

Flower crowns are quite an old trend but we thought of going for more of a soft grunge/indie theme. And the flower crown sorta seals in the indie-ness don't you think?

It rained here and there so we didn't really get to take much photos. FYI if you're wondering these were taken at the border of a forest behind my neighborhood. We did not go into an actual forest hahahaha.

Hope you like the pictures!
It's my first photoshoot done with my new DSLR
Hopefully, I'd do more in the future.

Love you guys

You probably have noticed I changed my blog's outlook again.
I changed it around last Friday.
I added tabs to achieve that neat blog outlook I've always wanted.
The sidebar still has some stuff
but it looks neater and more simpler now.
I quite like it this way ;)
I label my posts now and you can see all the labels on the sidebar
Click on any and you will see all the posts labelled with it.
I'll always be improving my blog outlook
And I'd be more than happy if you all told me 
what you like or DO NOT like about my blog!
I'm open to any suggestions and questions.

Ask me stuff on my or email me stuff through my email

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