Thursday, December 26, 2013

Photo diary: Singapore Again




 DAY 4

Took a trip down to Singapore again like I do every half a year or so. Haha getting so used to there I'm starting to get so familiar with all the street names, the mall surroundings, the buildings etc.

Not much pictures unlike my Beijing trip. Not really a fan of urban landscapes. I'm more into capturing more earthy and natural scenes like how Beijing is with all the plants and stuff. 

Dead tired on the first day. Was barely in the mood for anything. The car trip and me waking  early in the morning is to blame for me disinterest in almost anything on the first day. Went to my fave restaurant for lunch tho. It's called Ambush and it's located at Jurong Point (Jurong West). It's a European restaurant. Ohhh delishhhhhh *wipes of dripping saliva*

Day 2 was obviously an improvement. Got a good night's sleep. Was more in the mood to take pictures (and get my picture taken hehehehe) and took more interest of my surroundings. Went to Vivo City and oh my my my it was C R O W D E D. Well actually every mall is crowded this time of the year in Singapore. Just about every where I went was literally flooded with people.

The third day was my most enjoyable part of this trip. I went to my faveee place in the whole of Singapore: BUGIS STREET! Took an LRT (or MRT... I don't really know the difference) there cus my dad doesn't know the way. Bugis Street is sorta like Bangkok's Platinum Mall and Kuala Lumpur's Sungei Wang. The ultimate stop for teenagers to shop for street clothing at considerable prices. Only managed to nab a few stuff here as there wasn't enough time *cries a river*

On the last day right after lunch we headed back to Malaysia. Stopped by at JPO as usual! Wore something casual and comfy cus I'll be sitting in the car for long hours. Don't tell me wearing Bart Simpson is an old trend cus I don't really care. Huge fan of the Simpsons and I got this tee several months ago but totally forgotten about it lol.

Nuff said!
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