Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Why Search For The Universe When We Don't Even Know Ourselves?

sweater. H&M
shorts. diy-ed from XOXO 
socks. Daiso Japan
ankle boots. Taiwan

hey guys! back with a new outfit post. i would've posted this last night but something (or someone) got me really off the mood so i let it procrastinate till today. 

this is a really simple but uber comfy outfit. one of my favorites. i wore this out for a little lunch several days ago. this sweater is my ultimate favorite in my closet. it goes with just about anything- jeans, shorts, skirts you name it. it's lightly knitted so it's comfortable enough to wear in warm weathers like here in Malaysia but it still keeps you warm on those rainy or colder days. 

and oh yes more temporary tattoos lol. i found a sheet of tattoo with pictures of moon and stars. lol i felt like a kid when i cut and peeled this moon one out and on my wrist. yes, i will get a tattoo one day. not on my wrists. but yea.. some where less eye catching?

these socks are really from Daiso Japan! i couldn't believe my eyes when I saw them. i bought the same design in two colors. the ones i'm wearing here are purple, mustard yellow and mint green. the other one i bought are black, electric blue and hot pink. i'm trying to get quirkier socks lol. i think the look great on a plain outfit like this haha.

i got a new post divider! i've always used the flying birds one as some of my more frequent readers may have noticed. this new divider with a skull and some roses is something i drew myself on paper. i took a pic of it and uploaded it to my computer. with the help of photoshop i made the background white soo tadaaa. tumblr worthy? lol

AND AND last but but not least. i realize my room is fuh-riggin indie when i was reviewing the pictures. my room was decorated the way it was back when i was form 2 which was like 2 years ago. the thing is, i was never really an indie child. like, i like the music and all but i never really connected to it. and compared to now i am even less of an indie child. can't wait for my wallpaper to tear then i'll rip everything out and paint my room white and line it with black.

i talk too much don't i
but seriously to those who read every word
thank you for your interest and patience
and to those who don't read much
thanks for just checking out the pictures and dropping by
love you guys

I linked my on the side bar now
sooo.. go ahead and ask
i won't bite unless you're a meanie (:


Anne Collins said...

This is probably the best blogpost from your blog so far, the pictures are amazing!! How I wish my room looks as pretty as yours!

Viwern Wong said...

woahhhh and again i feel honored thank you so much till it reaches mars. YOUR BLOG NEEDS UPDATINGGGGGG. oh no i hate how my room looks urgh

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