Friday, November 8, 2013

To Not Feel At All

dress. Topshop
denim jacket. Padini
ankle boots. Topshop
triangle necklace. thrifted
feather charm necklace. thrifted
skull ring. Diva
spiked bracelet. Platinum, Bangkok

an outfit post as promised!

went to Genting again recently. my dad has a project there so i've been going up there quite recently.

my looks lately are quite simple with a mix of soft grunge and indie. i simply love this dress. it's so comfy and casual and literally goes well with anything. it's girly and edgy at the same time, definitely screams 'me'.

i finally got a denim jacket. i know it is a staple piece in anyone's closet but i JUST got it. it was a birthday gift. i simply love it because it adds that touch of retro/rocker to any outfit.

these boots are my new fave. it's quite classy and different compared to the lace up doc marten's that are all over the streets. but of course, i still need a pair of doc marten's. you can never have too many shoes right? especially black ones ;)

the words written on the black and white picture are lyrics from Bring Me The Horizon's 'Can You Feel My Heart'. Any metalheads out there? i think i finally found a band with an album that i can really connect to. BMTH's new studio album, Sempiternal, is THE album that depicts my life. i need it omg.

BTW GUYS HOW IS THE NEW OUTLOOK OF MY BLOG? I think it's muchhhh more neater than before right? Tell me what you think ;)

i'll be on vacation to Beijing for 8 days
starting on Monday.
so i won't be seen on twitter, fb, instagram
or maybe tumblr and my blog 
cus china banned these websites :/
be back real soon
but for now hope you enjoy seeing the pictures
as much as i enjoyed taking them!


Fashionascend said...

you're a BMTH fan too? ;D anyways, great look! super edgyy luv it! x ;)

Viwern Wong said...

yesssss omg i love them. did you see them when they came? thanks haha ;) but i think i'm becoming more of a mix of indie and grunge now. my closet is so boring

Emiri♥ said...

wow I love your outfit and your hair!! so pretty


Cheryl Tan said...

What thrift shops do you go to? I can't seem to find any thrift shops in Malaysia D:

Cheryl Tan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Viwern Wong said...

thank you so much!

Viwern Wong said...

uhrm the most unthinkable places. just prolly about every where and any where. even the most yuckiest ones may have awesome stuff. just go in every store though the seem totally impossible

Cheryl Tan said...

No like legit, I'm not saying my thrift shops aren't good. I'm saying I don't know where thrift shops are :/ I've tried looking for them, but i never seem to find them!

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