Saturday, November 23, 2013

Photo Diary: Beijing, China Trip

I'm going to be using a different font for my blog posts now which is this one that you're seeing as you are reading this due to a suggestion from one of my readers on twitter ;) 
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So I'm guessing some of you may know that I went on a private tour of Beijing the whole of last week. I came home this Tuesday.

The pictures here aren't all of the pictures I took throughout my trip (the full thing would be impossible to display cus i took like 1600+ photos lol), these are just some highlights and some shots I really liked. Most of the scenery shots are unfiltered, everything else is very lightly filtered, quite pale just the way i like it but blogger made it orangey again.

I did not state the days cus I myself ain't really sure. All I know is the photos are in correct order haha. 

I visited Beijing and took a short trip to Tian Jin and Cheng De. Beijing is so beautiful this time of the year. Not too cold and all the plants aren't fully wilted yet haha. This is my first time going to China during the late Fall early Winter season. 

People who enjoy peaceful sceneries, quaint places, history, detail would love Beijing. It may be the capital of China but it isn't that modernized and that full of nightlife or skyscrapers or malls yet. For those of you who prefer urban areas I suggest Shanghai (:

I didn't find this trip boring at all compared to other China trips I've been. The last day was the best. 798 Art Zone is a must-visit place for me. Street art everywhere. From amazing to the amazingly weird. I finally been to one of the 7 Wonders of the World- The Great Wall. I started from Tower 7 and managed to climb till tower 10. I have a little clip of me climbing the wall and talking and stuff. It's really stupid and I don't know should I upload it. Hahahahaha

I'm not gonna write much as I'll let the photos do the talking. Prolly a current post with the most pictures haha.



Rachel Yeo said...

Got to be one of my favourite posts from you thus far. Seriously loved this photo diary post about Beijing - I visited someplace in China early this year but I didn't really like it. I'll give Beijing a chance for sure, if the opportunity ever arises. You've convinced me to go have a look for myself x
And by all means, upload the video! Would be fun to watch.

Brini G said...

I love all your photos! What a great experience (:

Viwern Wong said...

woww thanks i feel real honored for some reason. i've been trying to improve day by day so it's nice to see someone notices i've been trying. i think you would really enjoy it. just don't go with a tour. tours usually.... don't give you the best experience.

i tried but i can't! idk what's up with blogger or my video D:

Viwern Wong said...

thank youuuuu! yes it was really amazing x

Fashionascend said...

You're pictures are fantastic and so is you're outfit looks. I love the effects you put to the pictures to make it look edgier ;) and the Starbucks shop is so cool!! haha

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