Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Officially 16


hey guys! another party post. sorry! promise i'll be back with fashion posts super super soon!

i turned 16 on november 3rd but the party was held on 2nd of november. i'm so happy and appreciative to all these people who made it, especially the indians kashmeera and gurveet and the form 5s jason and daniel. because it's deepavali and spm is around the corner. so thank you guys, all of you, once again!

it was fun for me. definitely a memorable one. i just recovered from food poisoning so i wasn't feeling that easy but i managed.

about the weird pics like daniel with paper cup boobs and gurveet licking the floor etc, we were playing truth or dare hahahha. everything else was really random. 

i hope all of you had a great time because all of you made it a great night for me. thanks for the gifts and cards too!

be back with more posts
very very soon
thanks for reading
and thanks to those who wished me
on instagram/twitter/facebook!

i realize my blog's outlook is really crappy
withbthe uneven white backgrounds
and the messy fonts and shit
so again i will find a day to remodify
my blog outlook and finally settle with
suitable fonts and better quality header
and side bar links and stuff


Rachel Yeo said...

Happy sweet sixteen, Viwern! How nice to know that you spent it well with close friends :) x

Viwern Wong said...

thanks rachel! yes it was so nice. there was supposed to be more people but so many couldnt come i am so grateful to all of them who actually came as mentioned above x

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