Friday, November 29, 2013

Grand Opening of H&M at Sunway Pyramid

 photos of me: creds to Richeen

on me
navy spaghetti strap. Cotton On
black skater skirt. Cotton On
checkered shirt. Forever 21
ankle boots. Topshop
triangle necklace. thrifted
single feather multi chain necklace. DIY
watch. Tian Jin Art Street, China
shades. Tian Jin Art Street, China
all seeing eye ring. Diva
multi skull knuckle ring. gift

on richeen

H&M opened their doors at Sunway Pyramid yesterday. I wanted to arrive early so I'd be within the first 100 people in line to receive an RM50 gift card but sadly I arrived slightly too late and the line was way over a hundred!

I met my friend and fellow blogger Anne there. She and her friends arrive there around 6am (cray crayyyyyy!) so obviously they were within the top 50 people in line and received the RM50 gift card. She's looking so well as always. Love her origami skorts and Mary Jane wedge heels x

I met some of my friends from my old school and some of my readers told me they saw me there (guys if you see me around just say hi cus i'd love to meet you!). Bernice was shopping there with her friend and we wanted to have Starbucks together but I ended up going home lol.

I was supposed to meet up with Richeen there. She came around an hour later and we hung out together. We haven't hung out (other than family gatherings and stuff) in such a long time! We had a little photoshoot together. She helped me with mine and I helped her with hers. And I can say that she is a natural! (More pictures of her on her blog) And what a coincidence that both of us were wearing checkered shirts haha. Plaid is very popular this season probably because of it's warm colors and neat, classical and retro design.

H&M's clothing this season didn't really impressed nor stirred much interest in me. I don't blame them, it is winter in countries with four seasons but it is summer forever here in Malaysia. Explains why I'm only carrying one H&M bag and not several haha! I'm actually very happy with H&M opening here at Sunway. It's so much nearer for me to hit their store. Previously I had to go all the way down to Lot 10 or up to Paradigm. As it says on their bag: "My New Favourite Store: H&M at Sunway Pyramid" !

I was going for more of an indie rocker look haha. I received comments on my instagram saying I look like Gene Simmons or Ozzy Osbourne hahahahaha. I think it's the sunnies :P I'm simply in love with them. I got them for only 20 yuan! I finally found the perfect gold ones all the way at China lol. 

'nuff said 
I'm more than happy to have H&M
finally opening at Sunway
and I can't wait to see
how will their Spring/Summer Collection 2014 turn out!
Thanks for reading again 

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