Friday, November 1, 2013

Bernice's Surprise Sweet 16

i know parties alll the wayyyyyyyy!

this time it was bernice's surprise birthday party.
i thought of this when bernice told me she wasn't celebrating her birthday. so i made a group chat with all of my other friends and planned a surprise birthday for her.

we hid behind bernice's mom's car away from her view while gurveet rang the door bell. she had no idea we were there. while both of them talked, we were trying our best to hold in our giggles and right on cue, we jumped up and yelled "SURPRISE!"

her face was priceless. she was genuinely surprised! which meant success for us ;)

we went inside and cut the cake. her mom did a good job at hiding the secret too because we asked permission from her mom before doing the surprise party and asked for her mom to keep it discreet.

it was casual but super fun. happy birthday once again bernice ;)

one more party to go though haha

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