Monday, October 28, 2013

Kashmeera's Red Hot Sweet 16 (Wearing dress from Fashion Heavennnn)

Okay guys, realized my posts aren't numbered anymore? Cus I went through my old posts and I deleted one super crappy one and it messed up all the numbering scheme. So in the end, I decided to cancel out all the numbers on my posts. Yea, I believe it will be easier now as I tend to forget the numberings and mess it up sometimes hahaha.

*picture credits to Michelle*


kimberly and yen mei did what they do best!

hittin' the dance floor as if we all could dance :P

With a surprise visit from local star,
roshan jamrock!
kashmeera freaked the hell out.

 26th October 2013 was so much fun
definitely a memorable night for all of us
especially kash!
happy sweet 16 once again bby x

dress from Fashion Heavennnn

so i won another giveaway several months back lol. (lucky week for me) i won this dress from a very popular Malaysian instagram shop called Fashion Heavennnn. They sell unique one of a kind stuff at affordable prices. Definitely worth checking out ;)

i wore the dress to kashmeera's party as her theme was black andred. the dress didn't have much red in it so i paired it with my red leather bracelet and fave red baby g watch hahahaha. made my outfit look semi rocker? 

the party was too fun to describe. more parties to come!

keep checking back for more posts to come!

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