Sunday, October 13, 2013

Seventeen Summer Splash 2013


Finally found some time to blog! First week of finals are over two more weeks to go. Having a few days of holiday now until Wednesday, then it's back to the books the pressure and the papers. 

As you can see this is a major throwback post. Back to 22nd September when me and my friend Bernice attended Seventeen Magazine's Summer Splash 2013!

The first two pics are different from the others cus they were taken by my crappy phone. And I really have no idea why do the pictures taken from my dslr look so orangey when uploaded. Just like the previou post, they look fine when viewed in my folders and DSLR but when uploaded there's this orange tint on it. I tried uploading the non editted ones and editted ones, they both still had that orange tint. WHY D:

So throwback to that wonderful day. Oh me and Bernice got a major sunburn but it was worth it. The event was held at i-City's new water park called Waterworld. Of course, it's not as big as Sunway Lagoon but the facilities and the rides were alright. 

My friend Becca (girl in the fifth picture) got into the finals of Seventeen's Covergirl Search *fangirl scream*. The main point of this event was to announce the winner of this year's covergirl and hunk. 

Me and Bernice won tons of prizes, all mostly by luck and pure coincidence. We won the Seventeen goody bag right after I got up when i FELL due to the wet floors and scrape my elbow. We won the Ellips Hair Care hamper when a worker from Seventeen just bumped into us as we were walking back to the wave pool and asked if we wanna join a little game later on stage. They didn't tell us what was the game so we were a tad bit hesitant at first but did it in the end.

We were led to backstage and then later a few groups of other girls came along. We soon made friends with that other group of girls. Then the worker from Seventeen came and told us what was this "game" about. Turns out that they're gonna announce the winner of the Hunk search and before that, we're supposed to DANCE around them.


I am the worseeeeeeee dancer in the history of bad dancers. I'm so bad I could hold a record in the Guinness Book of Records.

But yea, we danced on stage around a row of uber hot guys. And in the end, the guy I danced around with (the guy in the last picture), was the winner! His name is Izhar Hussin and you can see him on the October issue of Seventeen Magazine Malaysia.

Way embarrassing but it was worth it. We all had so much fun on stage that every shyness that we previously had faded away.

And yes we met, took pics, and hugged LINORA LOWWWWW! (sixth picture)

I could replay that day forever
I got 2 shades tanner but it was worth it
i didn't know when would they air it but i'm guessing
i missed it

Will be very busy for the following two weeks
so I've queued some posts
to keep you guys entertained as I'm away


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