Friday, September 27, 2013

Topshop Malaysia Autmun/Winter 2013

sweater. H&M
skater skirt. cotton on
socks. H&M
creepers. Japan
backpack. Platinum, Bangkok
gold bangle. DIVA
skull ring. DIVA
chain necklace. cotton on

these pics are taken with Jason's iPhone and my old Samsung camera cus my DSLR is at Japan with my sister. she wanted to borrow it so yea :/

and about the colors. it was all nice, grey and pale after editting and when viewed in the files but i have no idea why after uploading it on blogger they turn orangey and stuff. 

gawd i miss my DSLR.

so about todayyyyyyy. me and jason went to the Topshop Malaysia Autmun/Winter 2013 (#TopshopMYAW13) showcase. jane chuck ( and nana law ( were there too! it was actually just a showcase of their new autumn/winter 2013 collection and them giving out some goodies and a chance to be in the running to win an RM1000 Topshop shopping spree. so i filled up this card, scratched it and got this tote bag and dumped the card in this box for a lucky draw sort of thing to be in the running to win that shopping spree. the winner will be announced around next week!

their new collection is a mixture of grunge, with their plaid prints and denim pieces, and indie, with lace and boho floral prints. and of course, not missing out this season's signature color, orange!

i didn't get to snag anything cus i was in an absolute rush when making my way to Mid Valley and totallyyyyy forgotten to bring extra spending money.

about my outfit, i honestly wanted to pair it with my deep re pinstripe zara snakeprint pants at first. but due to me gaining more weight (yes i am super fat now) and the super hot southeast asian weather, i wore this skater skirt instead. i played it safe for this outfit sticking to one color code: black. oh skater skirts, you never fail me.

i am head over heels for this sweater! the sleeves with the growling panther totally makes it one of a kind.

and i just realized that me, jane and nana all have red lip tints!

today was really fun and a good experience. i get to meet my two fave malaysian fashion bloggers and get to hang out with my best friend.

finals in less than two weeks!
will be posting only a few more posts
then i'm gonna be invisible on blogger
for two to three weeks.
gah wish me luck
and thanks for reading guys
despite the sucky pictures



Abigail Rhyme said...

So envy that you get to see them :3 have always been loving your style and I've nominated you for the LIEBSTER AWARD :D check out for more info on the award :)

Viwern Wong said...

noooo dont be. They would be plenty more events where u get to meet them i think! Ngawww thank you ;) Will do a post about it soon. Thanks so much bby

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