Sunday, September 1, 2013

Photo Diary: Faded Youth

 jason in my polka-dotted beanie hahahaha


on Jason
top. H&M
jeans. Topman
shoes. H&M
bracelet. gift from me
backpack. mine

so i managed to squeeze in a post as i am quite available this weekend!

this post, as you can see, is all about jason, my best friend. i was his personal photographer today. well, not that he asked me to continuously take photos of him, i wanted to hahahaha. 

you readers have probably seen him in a previous post called White on White. and now he's back in another post also wearing white.

we hung out today like a bunch of vagabonds around the walkways of The Gardens then made a long stop at Borders. we spent most of hour time there cus he found an Asking Alexandria magazine and i liked it's ambience and lighting to snap photos so we just sat there and uhrmm... hung out? haha it was a really weird location cus we were sitting in the kid's section. in front of the kid's section was starbucks and we wanted their wifi so yea. talk about desperate?! 

it was a really awkward scene actually, two teens clad in black and white ensembles reading a punk rock magazine and listening metal rock with earphones with the volume turned up way too loudly in a kid's section of a quiet, serene bookstore. thank god there wasn't many kids today and chill, we never stopped any kids from browsing their books. i mean, READING IS GOOD FOR YOU KIDS! 

so that's how our day went by actually. it poured all of a sudden and the kid's section was facing a huge window. today was spent relaxed and well. i get to see my best friend, get to use my camera, get to eat free mochi (haha). cus after i transferred i don't get to see him 5 days a week no more so these outings, even if spent doing nothing, are still worth it to me.

now i'm gonna go download
a bunch of songs from PTV to my phone

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