Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Highschool Sh*t

Hello beautiful people!
I'm sorry I haven't been updating in several weeks.
My whole family has been sick last week and I was really busy throughout the holidays and my final exams are coming up soon. 
So I'm really really reallyyyyy sorry but I may not be able to do any fashion updates in a while.
And also I have been busy setting up the blogshop
Yes, I know I've said that I'll be officially opening my blogshop during the holidays but I can't cus it ain't perfect yet. I only want to give you guys the best I can offer and the shop is no where near my standard of 'good' yet. 
I'm creating a website from scracth and I'm testing out a bunch of different website hosts desperately searching to find a suitable one. So far, most of the website hosts fo eCommerce use PayPal and I don't have a PayPal account and they do not have the MYR currency (like wtf and yet the have SGD).
But I will get it on and running by the latest which is December. I hope I'll get it started earlier though!

But for now I have to switch on my nerd mode and dig my nose in my Physics books instead of Teen Vogue.

I do not have any pictures of my outfits lately but I do have some snapshots of my visit to Nilai to meet my other four-legged family!

Meet the new Golden puppies! 

 For some strange reason, they loved my hair?

 Just. So. Fluffayyy.

 Meet the 2nd sister, Maya!

 Oh, they got some puppy-drool on my hair.

 Rio and Mia weren't let out of their cages cus they were
wayyyy to big to play in the playpen and 
the back garden was locked.

And last but not least, 
the super annoying
but adorable,

Haven't seen my four-legged family in weeks! The pups were born about 2 weeks ago. Two will be kept and one would be sold. I wish we could keep all of them D:
Their cuteness and fluffiness is too overwhelming to describe. They're really hyper and nibble on almost everything! They reminded me when Rio was a baby. He and Mia are officially one year old now. Chico is about 4 months old I think. He is OVERLY hyper but he is the fluffiest amongst all and I wish he would just lie still for a moment so I could stroke his fur and snuggle him.

Sigh exams soon and I can't bring any of them home to give me warm snuggles while I burn the midnight oil. 
Urgh speaking about grades, I need to get at least 4As for this final term cus I already got 4As for mid term. I'm aiming to get 7As for finals asdfghjkl.

And I've thought of my life plan, I want to be:
-An above average student
-A top fashion blogger and fashion icon
-A young entrepreneur 
-A skilled pianist
-And hopefully if there is time, a top cheerleader

high hopes and high dreams
no room for slacking

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