Saturday, August 3, 2013


top. cotton on
ankle grazers. uniqlo (in japan)
shoes. brands outlet
necklace. cotton on
belt. charles and keith

another super procrastinated post!

this was last last thursday. i didn't go to school that day due to my piano exams. oh hell worst ever. 
this post title is the name of my second piece by Chopin which means spring ;) buttttt i wasn't feeling so "springy" 
it was my first time attending an abrsm piano exam so obviously i was a nervous wreck. and, oh, it was a WRECK alright!
i messed up my Eb major scale at the descending part and on my third piece i messed up the ending D:
i was so very very very nervous despite the cheerfulness and the friendliness of the examiner.
my friends would know i have uber sweaty hands due to family genes, i tried super super hard not to sweat because if i did, i may just fail my whole exam!
i want a distinction, but after the exam, i know i am far far away from achieving it. well, i hope i pass at least!

about the pictures, the images are full of noise and wrong focusses as the result of bad lighting. 

have to remember to use flash next time when indoors!

and i filtered and editted the pictures on my new macbook using a different software because the usual software i use on my old dell laptop doesn't have a mac-compatible one. so the pictures are weird-ish.

urgh i have so much to learn
shall further experiment with my dslr
and my macbook AND this new software

ps, i realize the post number is 69
;))) hmmhmmhmm if you know what i mean


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