Thursday, July 18, 2013


Rest in peace to Cory Monteith and Talia Castellano <3

top. Platinum, Bangkok
leggings. H&M
backpack. Platinum, Bangkok
shoes. Mondo, Singapore
rings. Diva
bracelets. Platinum, Bangkok
iPad cover. Platinum, Bangkok

and after much delay, postpone, procrastination.... i finally posted! as you can see this post is super duper simple because i CAN'T WAIT to get started on my next post AND MAINLY because i currently have a super busy schedule and am uber stressed out. piano exams, cheerleading, schoolwork, chores, housework, GRADES and the shit. urgh sometimes i just want to fall asleep and never awake (no i am not suicidal. it's just a way of speech because that's how stressed out i am recently)

so this outfit was uhrm... two or three weeks ago? on a saturday. went to Fong Lye @The Gardens, Mid Valley Megamall for dinner with the family. i swear they have the BEST chinese food ever. i highly recommend all of you to go there and dine for once. price wise...... your typical classy chinese restaurant price. 

i love this sweater very much cus it's super comfy and the fly prints are so quirky hahahaha. it's like i have flies sticking to my sweater. 

on the next post and every other post, all my pictures will now be stunning :P those who follow my instagram will know why!

hahaha stay tuned
i'm gonna marry my bed now
buh bye


Xuan Tan said...

hey! your outfit is gorgeous, love the fly top :D
..Im from Malaysia too! now in Brisbane though == ahaha I havent been to Mid Valley in agesss
great blog :)

Viwern Wong said...

oh thanks! hahahaha cool changed tons! i'll check your blog out ;) xx

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