Saturday, July 6, 2013

A Little Bit Nasty

vest. thrifted at Singapore
dress. Singapore
shoes. Japan
red leather bracelet. thrifted
spiked bracelet. Platinum, Bangkok
silver necklace (worn as bracelet). Platinum, Bangkok

WHUTTUP PEOPLEEE! I'M BACK! i know. it's been a longgg time since i last had a fashion update. but i have a good reason!

i've been busy building a new blogshop ;)

not gonna spill anything more just wait and soon you'll see what's it all about!

i wore this outfit out on last saturday. headed to sunway. Diva had a hugeeeee sale and i bought some stuff there. 

this vest here is one of my purchases from my last singapore trip. it is also one that i most happy about as it only costed me RM25! i remember i was at some random store selling normal and sorta old-looking clothes. i was just rummaging through a basket of clothes out of boredom when i found this! inside i was screaming AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH. 
lesson learnt: among a pile of distasteful clothing you will bound to find one gorgeous piece.
it has silver spikes on it's collar and pockets. it's absolutely what i wanted! i've been thrifting a lot lately. i honestly prefer thrifting and searching for absolutely affordable and low-priced awesome looking clothing than spend money on branded ones in boutiques. 

i'm not exactly "rich" like most fashion bloggers are. i do a lot of DIY and receive a lot of hand-me-downs and i try to find the most affordable clothes ever. i work with what i have and come up new outfit sets with old stuff ;) only sometimes i purchase items at stores like TopShop, Zara, Forever 21 and the likes.

right now,
i just need a sewing machine.
k. bye.

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