Monday, June 10, 2013

Photo Diary: Axl, Slash, Duff, Izzy, Steven

on me.
tank. H&M
skater skirt. cotton on
stockings. Daiso Japan (YESSSS HAHAHA)
socks. H&M
shoes. Mondo, Singapore
backpack. Platinum, Bangkok
accessories. Platinum, Bangkok

honestly, these pictures are two weeks ago, saturday. hahahahaa i am so so sorry to alissa and amanda for posting these so late. was uber busy! 

went to sunway with them and their family. haven't hung out with both of them since FOREVER. wore matchy Guns n Roses tops with Alissa. did i ever mention i'm a hugeeeee vintage rock n roll fan? you will see my ultimate loveeee for them in my next few blog posts hahaha.

i went to their house first cus they'll be fetching me over. i asked alissa to wear my beanie cus i know she'll look super cute in it, AND HELL YEA SHE DOES! i like how amanda mixes graphics and prints in her outfit: ombre denim shirt over street graphic of the statue of liberty with printed shorts! loveloveloveeee.

later on, we shopped a while and went to starbucks for a drink. camwhored tonsssss. haha the sun was blazing but it made the pictures turn out great!!!! we got airbursh tattoos at asian avenue too. me and alissa got initials while amanda got a cross on her side of her palm.

and just when i thought the day couldn't get any better, I. MET. DON. i was at cotton on shopping with my mom later cus my mom was suddenly there and i just turn around and saw her! I LITERALLY SCREAMED IN A SUPER HIGH-PITCHED CHIPMUNK-ISH VOICE and yea, everyone in the store was looking at me but i didnt mind :P I IMMEDIATELY HUGGED HER AND I COULDN'T STOP OMG-ING. i haven't seen her since...... 2010 i think! i met her through Richeen at her house during halloween in 2010. after that, haven't seen her since! she never changed, still gorgeous as everrrrrrr.

truly a remarkable and fun-filled day.
stay tuned for the next post soon!

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