Thursday, May 30, 2013

Photo Diary: Singapore Trip

 DAY 1 

  DAY 2 

 DAY 3 


 got back from my singapore trip on three days ago! didn't take much pictures this trip and my outfits were all really simple and casual. 
so on the first day we went to Marina Bay Sands. walked around a little then went to the Beanstro (by The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf and no we do not have this here in Malaysia). THE FOOD. IS AWESOME. Drank this ice blended hazelnut latte and believe me it's da bombbbbbbb. PRAY THAT THEY OPEN ONE IN MALAYSIA SOON.
cardigan. giant (yess i shop there hahaha)
top. cotton on
pants. zara
shoes. sunway
clutch. coach
backpack. Platinum, Bangkok
.usual accessories.

day 2, didn't get to take any outfit pictures. but you can see all my outfits on my instagram! i'll post it below this post. finally bought my Doc Marten's inspired brogues after waiting for 5 months. SUPER HAPPYYYY. wore them immediately. went to vivo city to buy them and just browsed around. tons. of. people. but a super great place to shop cus everything was there. for supper went to jurong point to this japanese cafe and savored ice cream!
the two little girls are my nieces who will be migrating to the united states real soon! will miss them much cus both of them are uber adorable )': found a collection of old vintage star wars books in the room where my cousin used to live in. he moved out now so that room is used as a guest room. anddddd bought percy pigs. damn marks and spencer in singapore is cheap! even when converted to malaysian ringgit!

day 3, went to orchard road. i know my outfit looks like i'm some school kid or teacher hahahaha. i was going for monochrome! super awesomely sunny day. but not too sunny that we'd get burned out. just perfect to walk the streets of orchard road. went in to several malls. saw these uber yummy looking cadbuary chocolate bars. wnated to buy them but they were pricey! had tea at the connoisseur concerto at ion orchard. ordered their cookies and cream coffee latte. oh my..... that was even more splendid! if you're ever in ion orchard and you're looking for a place to have cakes and tea come to the connoisseur concerto. it's actually called the TCC Cafe but their full name is that. went to chinatown at night haha.
top. topshop
skirt. forever 21
shoes. Mondo, singapore
necklace. thrifted
and on the final day, had dim sum then went back to malaysia! butttt we stopped at the Johor Premium Outlets hahahaha. didn't buy much. had tea break again at the coffee bean. ordered the ice blended hazelnut latte again! damn i love that. bought more food than clothing this trip. oh i love food <3

missing singapore already. seriously hope i could go there for college or work. prolly going back to sg during christmas this year. btw, their marks and spencer is huge. they even have a marks and spencer bakery! you shall try their cookies. even better than subway's!
stay tuned for my next post! will be posting my old outfits which i have delayed for a very long time.



Anne Collins said...

OMG I love the shoes! Nowonder I was wondering why it looks soooooo much like Doc Martens haha! It's been awhile since I last went to Singapore tho :S

Viwernnn said...

i have bee waiting for soooo long to get em! gahhhh i miss sg already D:

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